Monday, November 3, 2014

Holiday special-Get those stocking stuffers now!

From now through December 15th, we're doubling your wristband and bumper sticker orders. That's right!  Same price...double the fun!  Get yours here!

Also, be sure to check out our Tshirts and Iron-Ons!  They're the perfect way to add our logo to any style, color and size apparel.

Where can you get ColoradoStrong gear?

1.  You can always Shop ColoradoStrong merchandise here!

2.  Any time we're out at local events

3.  Kemper Dance Academy

4.  West Side Tattoo

5.  Colorado Springs House of Bounce

Be sure to also keep up with us on our Facebook Page

You can also find us on Twitter :  ColoradoStrong

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Waldo Waldo 5k results and information

We had such a blast participating in the Waldo Waldo 5k this year.  Literally hundreds of people came by the booth and over 30 people won some amazing giveaways!  If you didn't attend this year, please consider doing so next year.  It's a ton of fun while trying to break a world record AND helping the community.  The Waldo Waldo 5k also came in at 2nd place for the CS Indy "Best Of Fundraising Event". Congrats!!

3,104 Waldo and Wendas attended...not enough to break the world record but way more than last year!  I'm sure they can do it next year as they needed just shy of 800 more people!  Be sure to keep up with them on Facebook: Waldo Waldo 5k Facebook Page.  There are tons of awesome photos from the event posted as well.

Rocky Mountain Field Institute is one of the recipients of proceeds raised by the 5k this year.  Click on the link to go to their Facebook page and learn about their restoration efforts in Waldo Canyon.

Trails and Open Space Coalition was the other recipient this year.  Be sure to check out what they're working on as well!

Also, be sure to check out our photos from that day below:
Team ColoradoStrong

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our Iron-Ons are here!

So many of you ask about custom items, Tshirt colors, styles, etc...  We thought an iron-on would be a great way to solve this dilemma.  We can't order items unless they are done in bulk and as a small non-profit, we just do not keep those kinds of funds to be able to purchase those.  We don't recoup any of our money until purchases of the product are made.  This is an economical way to be able to offer our logo and for you to apply it to almost anything you'd like!  We have 3 sizes and 2 logos.

Check out sizing and price info here:  Iron On