Friday, June 29, 2012

We Are Colorado Strong...Are You?

2012 has been a devastating year for wildfires for Colorado.

Right now, wildfires are burning across the State of Colorado!

...BUT NOW ISN'T THE TIME TO LOSE HOPE. As people have been evacuated from their houses, lost homes and watched their beautiful surrounding scenery get destroyed, the community has also come together in these times of devastation. People have stepped up to support all of the incredible firefighters who have been risking their lives for us every day, people that have taken in evacuees and evacuated animals to those that have volunteered and donated across the state to numerous organizations to help as many people as they can during these trying times.  This shows that we are COLORADOSTRONG.

Join in and show everyone that you are ColoradoStrong by wearing your ColoradoStrong wrist bands. Click the picture of the wrist bands at the top right corner or click the order button in the wrist bands page to order yours today!

(photos taken from multiple media outlets)

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