Thursday, July 5, 2012

ColoradoStrong is receiving AMAZING support and we thank you for that!  Don't forget you can find us on both Facebook and Twitter.  Just search for ColoradoStrong. (one word)  Just a quick reminder that wristbands are on PRE-ORDER status right now as we've mentioned.  A mold has to be created and made on the original order so that is a one time thing.  After that, they will be available regularly. ColoradoStrong is only about a week old and we are trying to get these processed just as quickly as possible.  We'd love to be sporting them RIGHT NOW, believe me!  As far as Tshirts, right now, we can refer you to people who are making them, but we are not selling them at this point.  We'd love to add those and things like bumper stickers in the near future.  Thanks again for all your support!!

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