Friday, August 31, 2012

How about a contest??

OK, how creative are you?

Show us the most unique way to show you are ColoradoStrong with your wristbands. Send us your photos! Be by yourself, in a group, in another country, at an event, with a's all up to you! Submit your photos between now and September 15th. Then, we'll put them all in an album on ColoradoStrong Facebook page and YOU can help us choose the winner who will receive one of our new Tshirts!

Here is a sneak peek at ONE of the designs.  There is a second on the way this weekend!  Can't wait for you to see!  Please note these are not for sale quite yet. We'd like to have them in hand first.

Need wristbands? Get them right here at Locally, you can get them at West Side Tattoo, PB and Jellies or Treasure Island Gifts.

Enjoy your long weekend!  It's a great time to get some photos to enter into the contest!!

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