Monday, August 6, 2012

WHO are you donating to again??

You may have noticed that we switched the fund we are now donating our proceeds to.  Originally, we had stated we would be donating to the Colorado State Firefighter's Association.  Unfortunately, for over a month, we've been trying to get someone to get back to us so we could get information on how to present them with a donation.  On the CSFFA home page, there used to be a simple "Donate" button where you could submit proceeds.  Now, there seems to only be an option for sponsorship.  After a little more research and one last unsuccessful attempt to contact them, we've decided to donate to the Waldo Canyon Firefighter's Fund instead.  We have been told that the funds will still get to the firefighters and that has always been the original goal.  We were finally able to speak with someone able to direct us to the right person and we can finally present our proceeds!  Thank you for donating to something so important to all of us and much needed for them.  Without them, many of us would not have our homes and this is just a tiny way to thank them for what they did, and continue to do, for us.

Please continue to spread the word about the wristbands.  We want to keep the donations active and continue to help in any way we can, all while showing we are ColoradoStrong!

Stay tuned...they are letting us know when and where to present our first check!  We are so excited!

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