Thursday, October 25, 2012

What have we done?

Founder of ColoradoStrong, Taylor, Age 17
First, how did we even start?  Great question!  Click here to find out!

Here is a breakdown of what ColoradoStrong has accomplished since starting at the end of June 2012:

Our very first contribution was compiling a list of amazingly generous local business owners wanted to help ease the stress for those affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire.  There are some offers that are still active so please, take a look!  If you are a local business wanting to be added to this list, please contact us.  We realize that some of the offers have expired, unfortunately:


Then, we decided on selling wristbands in July of 2012 and received our first shipment towards the end of July 2012.  We have always donated 100% of ALL wristband proceeds (and will always) to Pikes Peak Community Fund.  We paid out of pocket for these wristbands as our own donation knowing we had no plan or desire to recoup any of that cost.  A few local businesses also stepped up and wanted to sell our wristbands at their local businesses.  You can find the wristbands locally at PB and Jellies downtown, West Side Tattoo in Old Colorado City and Treasure Island Gifts and Floral in Briargate!  If you want to sell any of our merchandise, contact us!

In July and August, we were invited to be a part of many community events and met some amazing supporters in the process.  This is just a sampling of all the great people we got to meet and that are also supporters of ColoradoStrong:

Jerri Marr

Miss Colorado


Michael Garman

Maximum Velocity BMX Stunt Riders

The Procussions  (Rap Group)

Aaah! Real Monsters!  (Great Band!)

Fox 21 Radio

Local Heroes!

Here's a link to our whole album on Facebook:

Also in July, we sent ColoradoStrong wristbands to our 569th Engineer Company heroes all the way in Afghanistan!  They're based out of Ft. Carson.  (If you would like to send them anything, contact us and we'll get you the address)  They're some of our biggest supporters and we love them!

On August 9, 2012, we presented our first donation check to Pikes Peak Community Fund from ColoradoStrong wristband proceeds and donations in the amount of $1,650.  More specifically, we asked them to direct that donation to the Waldo Canyon Firefighter's Fund The presentation was also featured on KKTV (see clip below) and we've also added a photo of the check being presented on the steps of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation: 

Here's the KKTV mention:

On August 23, 2012, we donated proceeds from all ColoradoStrong wristband sales at the Artistry In Motion Foundation Waldo Canyon Appreciation fundraiser.  We sold $50 worth of wristbands and wrote AIM Foundation a check for $50. Below is a photo of Tami Taggart, owner, being interviewed by KRDO 113 on the day of the fundraiser.  Look who's represented behind her!


In September, we carried over $336 from August sales and donations to still be donated to PPCF.

We also donated ColoradoStrong wristbands to Air Academy High School for a Waldo Canyon Fundraiser/Silent Auction.  They kept whatever proceeds they made from them.

At the beginning of September, we also started selling ColoradoStrong Tshirts.  This was another out of pocket cost for us and we are only recouping our costs.  We have not and will not profit on sales of ColoradoStrong wristbands or Tshirts.  We have always planned on donating $8 from each shirt to Pikes Peak Community Fund and have finally accumulated what we feel is enough to make a second donation check to them as of today.  It gives us joy to be able to be in a position to help our community and that's what we will continue to do.


In October, we carried over $336 of ColoradoStrong wristband sales and donations from August and $433 from wristband and Tshirt sales and donations in September for a total of $769 to contribute to PPCF.

In October we also sent a "care package" to our heroes of the 569th Engineer Company in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan with items for their new USO.  Again, if you are needing their address to send them items, please let us know!  They love receiving items from home!

Through October 10, 2012, we accumulated another $110 in ColoradoStrong wristband and Tshirt sales to bring us to a total of $879 to donate to Pikes Peak Community Fund this week.  We are excited to say we wrote out a check for $879 paid to the order of Pikes Peak Community Fund just this morning!

Additionally, here's where we stand as of today for donations made towards Jessica Ridgeway's rescue efforts and family, which comprised of 100% of proceeds from ColoradoStrong wristbands and Tshirts from 10/10/2012-10/24/2012 :

  • $318 was mailed out on 10/15/2012 to the Westminster PD when they announced they had a fund to donate money to
  • $90 was raised on 10/21/2012 and handed over to House of Bounce for donating to the family
  • $221 was mailed directly to Sarah Ridgeway 10/26/2012
Jessica Ridgeway Balloon Release

ColoradoSprings House of Bounce Fundraiser "Justice for Jessica"

Air Academy High School kids wearing purple and ColoradoStrong wristbands in support of Jessica Ridgeway

We also specially designed and donated ColoradoStrong/Jessica Ridgeway Tshirts only for Jessica's classmates.  These are not for sale and are special just for them to honor Jessica.  Here are a couple of the students wearing them:

Starting again on 10/25/2012, we are back to $0 for donations and back to directing our proceeds to Pikes Peak Community Fund, as that's where our heart lies in the wake of the Waldo Canyon Fire.  We thank you all for your continued support.


In November, Taylor received the Alan Funk scholarship from Monsters of Hip Hop dance convention.  The Alan Funk Award is convention scholarship awarded in each city in honor of Andy Funk's brother who died of Leukemia at the age of 19. This award will go to the dancer who demonstrates a positive attitude, determination and passion for dance.  Taylor was also recognized for being a positive influence in her community.  It was REALLY cool to see world famous choreographers like Jamal Sims, Jabbawockeez, Kevin Maher, Napoleon D'Umo and others sporting ColoradoStrong wristbands!  Here is a photo of Taylor receiving the award from Andy Funk and with the choreographers after receiving her scholarship:


On December 2, Taylor joined the ColoradoStrong Bag Ladies for a donation drive to collect hygiene items.  It was a fun and successful day!

Also in December, we are proud to now offer ColoradoStrong bumper stickers!  They are 3"x7" UV coated to protect against sun damage.  They are $2 each and $1 of every bumper sticker will be donated.  You can purchase them, along with the wristbands and/or Tshirts here on this site.  The ColoradoStrong logo is the only thing on the ColoradoStrong bumper sticker.  We want you to show your support and strength, not advertise our pages.  This is what it looks like:


January-May of 2013 was not an active time for us.  Very few pieces of merchandise sold and we understand that people tend to purchase merchandise when the are looking for a way to give back.  We are completely OK with that, we understand that and we are just happy to be a resource of assistance when it is needed. We anticipate getting busy in the summer, as we did last year.  We tend to do mostly outdoor events that we are invited to attend.  Right now, there are plans to be at Spring Spree and the Rockrimmon Waldo Canyon Fire Anniversary Event in June.  There are also other events being worked on right now!  We'll keep that information posted!

ColoradoStrong is trademarked and we request anyone wanting to use our name or logo contact us prior.  Thanks for understanding!

Just a quick note on our legal standing/status with the state, we are NOT a 501c3 recognized organization.  We do not meet the qualifications for becoming one as we don't solicit donations and any monetary donations we have received, has equaled less than $2,000, which of that, is donated to PPCF.  Any proceeds received don't come close to the minimum required to file as a non-profit in the state of CO.  All merchandise you see for purchase is an out of pocket expense for us, which is why we very rarely can do a special order.  We understand that we take a loss financially, but this is our way of giving back and we are more than happy to do that.  Any proceeds we collect at this point simply covers costs.  We do NOT profit. We have consulted a non-profit attorney and this is the information we were given.  We would love to be able to qualify for that status because that would mean we were growing by leaps and bounds.  We're excited to see how we continue to grow!

You can find continuous and up-to-date information on our Facebook page.  Please feel free to contact us if you'd like us to attend your event, if you'd like to sell our wristbands, bumper stickers or Tshirts locally or contact us with any questions at  We can also be found on Twitter: @ColoradoStrong.

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  1. Taylor and family, you guys are doing such an awesome job. If the world had more generous and kind people like you, it would be a much better place. Just remember, to always give God all the credit and praise. Because without him, none of it would be possible :D