Wednesday, June 19, 2013

They're Baaaa-aaack! Order your Tshirt today!

We are thrilled to announce that starting this weekend, Tshirts will be back in stock!  The basics are: white, adult, short-sleeved Tshirts.  Yes, they only come in white.  Yes, they are only adult sizes.  Yes, we only have Tshirts, as far as clothing goes.  They are $15 each ($8 of every shirt will be directly donated to the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, along with 100% of ALL proceeds from wristbands and bumper stickers) and come in sizes S-XL.  They are a polycotton blend and look fabulous, I must say.  Although we are working on ways to be able to let you sport ColoradoStrong on different types of clothing and other items, we have no plans of having anything for a while besides the Tshirts, nor do we have a timeline for any other types of merchandise besides what we currently carry.  Unfortunately, our products tend to sell best when there is a tragedy and naturally, we don't like to plan on those, so we keep minimal stock normally. You can order them at

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