Saturday, March 22, 2014

Proud to Highlight: Ken, Kim and Chuck (Part 2 of 2)

Meet Kim Kowalski, the wife of Ken Kowalski.  (See Part 1 of 2 to learn more about him!) She owns Clever Kim's Curios and we're happy to highlight her business.  She'll even give you a discount for ColoradoStrong supporters! We'll let her tell you about it. :)

"Hi! I'm not from CO but you know that bumper sticker that says "Not Native but I got here as soon as I could!"... that is me  I am married to a native though. I am from VA and was military so I've been all over, but CO is definitely home. I started a jewelry business in October of last year, Clever Kim's Curios. It's not your average "get a kit in the mail and recruit other people to sell for you" deal. I use bones, skulls, insects, shells, and other weird stuff in my jewelry. Here's what I wrote for the "About" section of my Etsy shop:

Who is Clever Kim, and what is the deal with her Curios?

Well, I'm Kim. I like to think I'm reasonably clever, and I like neat little tiny things. I also love alliteration, and that's how my store name came to be. I was kind of bored and looking for a way to make money doing something I actually enjoy. I love weird little tiny things, and I am fascinated by bones and creepy stuff. Initially I wanted to make weird creatures out of polymer clay with "real" animal accents like tarantula molt parts and beetle wings. As it turns out, I am definitely not a sculptor. I am, however, pretty good at making stuff like bones and bug parts look pretty from far away. I decided to focus on making pretty jewelry that looks like something else from far away, but is definitely bones or insect parts or something else bizarre close up. I want people to come up to my customers and say "Oh, what a pretty necklace! What is it, a flower or some-OH! Oh my gosh you have a spider in there!" or a dehydrated lizard, or a bird's foot, or whatever weird thing I put together for that particular piece.

My goal, and a catchphrase I have kind of adopted, is "jewelry for the rest of us." I have never liked diamonds or gold or flash all that much. I like things that look old and strange and like I found it in an attic in an abandoned house. I know I'm not the only one who likes these things, and the other people who do, *my* people, are the people who I try to please with my jewelry. I think that my jewelry fills a niche that isn't filled by mainstream jewelers.

 My husband and I currently live on the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, but soon will be leaving the military. We plan on settling a little east of Colorado Springs so we can have a nice chunk of land. I am currently teaching myself to solder so I can make truly unique pieces in my style, and once we are settled I will have a much easier time processing animal carcasses for bones so the pieces I make will only be limited by my imagination!

Feel free to ask questions or to visit my facebook page and Etsy store. I'll include links ibelow. You can use code COSTRONG in the Etsy store for 15% off any order of at least $10. If you are local to COS or willing to come here, you can message me on my facebook page instead of using Etsy, so you don't have to pay shipping. I'll just delist the item and meet you for the purchase.

I love Colorado and I'm always happy to see people spreading the love

Kim Kowalski"

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