Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We want to highlight you or someone you feel helps make Colorado Strong!

We'd really like to start highlighting CO business owners, exceptional CO teens, CO heroes, etc.~those who make CO strong! We have a few lined up to start it off very soon but please feel free to message or email us about yourself, a friend, a business, a child... (They must be from or in Colorado) If you're a small business owner and you want to include a promotion/special/discount for ColoradoStrong® supporters, that's welcome too!

What I need is a bio (as long or short as you want) and an accompanying photo, if possible. Most don't know that I own my own business, help my husband run his business AND run ColoradoStrong...by myself. I wish I had the time to interview people/research/write articles, but sadly, I just do not.

Right now, I have about 15 businesses/people I'm working on.  I'm going to put together a calendar for myself so I don't have any similar businesses back to back and will contact each person individually before I actually highlight them.

You can message us though Facebook or email us at ColoradoStrong@gmail.com

This can be ANYWHERE in CO! Feel free to share with others that might be interested.

Can't wait to start sharing!

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