Thursday, September 5, 2013

Quick update!

We know there hasn't been a whole lot to update on recently but just want to check in! :)  We are officially now a non-profit and our ColoradoStrong name is finally trademarked with the US Patent office.  That took over a year!  We now have the paperwork into the IRS to become a recognized 501(c)3 also.  We're making strides behind the scenes!

We're also working on a new, better website that will allow for ease of ordering, as well as, giving us the capability of accepting credit cards when we're out at public events! Yay!

We know we're the busiest when there are disasters, unfortunately, but even in the quiet times, we'd love to be here to help.

We are more than happy to share events on our "Events" page on Facebook.  Just give us the info!

We're also always looking for local businesses that want to carry our items...mostly wristbands and bumper stickers.  If you're interested in carrying the Tshirts, please let us know.  We're a little more hesitant to have places carry those simply because of our limited inventory. That doesn't mean it's completely out of the question though!

As always, if you want to contact us, we're happy to hear from you!  Hope you're ready for fall...we are!

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