Saturday, March 8, 2014

Proud to Highlight: One Purple Lego, Colorado Springs, CO!

We are ready to highlight another CO person and to me, this one is pretty unique and cool!  Meet Wes.  He's a local teen that started trade lines in order to trade up to larger items without having to exchange money.  He decided to start a second trade line to benefit Crosses for Losses.  At the end of that trade, he will sell the large ticket item and donate the proceeds to Crosses for Losses.  Keep reading for more info from a Q&A I did with Wes.  Maybe you have something you'd like to trade or know of someone that might:

1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself!
I was born in Colorado Springs and have lived here all my life. I’m involved in CO Springs Youth Symphony, taekwondo, and track. I like sports, engineering and music. I go to Journey Chapel and there, I have learned how to follow Christ and that helping others is important. For the past 5 years, I have been doing the IB Middle Years Programme at my middle and high school. This program is formed around five 'areas of interaction' which include: environments, health and social education, community and service, human ingenuity and approaches to learning. Throughout the program, I had to study and complete community service. In our sophomore year, we are required to do a personal project on a topic of our choice. I had a hard time knowing what to do for my Personal Project, but then I came up with something.
2.  What is One Purple Lego and what gave you the idea to start?
One Purple Lego is a trade-up project that I’m doing for my school. I was inspired by a guy named Kyle MacDonald in Canada who started with One Red Paperclip and traded up to a house, so I decided to do something, only not for a house.  I knew I had to pick something that would catch people’s interest and that was unique, so I picked a purple Lego. The Lego was from my first set that I got in 2002 and had special limited edition purple Legos. They have purple Legos now, but not this particular shade. I called my project One Purple Lego.
3.  How far have you gotten on your trades?
I have 2 trade lines, on one line I have a BG 1000 Home Gym.  I also have a 50” plasma TV on my other trade line. One trade line will be sold and the money will be donated to Crosses for Losses, a non-profit who helps victims of the Black Forest Fire. I also have donations of an antique kitchen table and a roll top computer desk that I am trying to trade.
4.  Any interesting stories to go along with any of the trades?
There are a few interesting ones. My first trade was with a girl named Kim (in her 20’s). She got the purple Lego and added it to her Lego city that her and her brothers had been building for many years.
Another one was with my sister. A long time ago, she collected golf balls and she would sell them back to the golfers for 25 cents a ball and all the money went toward helping the Humane Society out. She had about 300 left over so she traded me those for the Kinder Egg Surprise Toy that I got from Kim.   
William is in the US Army and he has been deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. He wants to start a buy, sell, trade store when he gets out of the Army. I got an antique pocket watch from another Ft, Cason soldier who is a chef. He originally got the watch in a trade for a shed back in 2009.
One of my past teachers traded me the Plasma TV for the pocket watch. Now, he is starting his own trade line.
5.  How did you get involved with Crosses for Losses?
I split the lines when I received the golf balls and decided to sell one line in the end and donate it to charity. Originally, I had no idea what charity I wanted to donate the money to, but the Black Forest Fire came in a year ago and it was extremely tragic for many people. About 160 students and 20 staff in District 20 had lost their homes to the Black Forest Fire. So, I found out about Crosses for Losses and what they do to help the fire victims and I chose them.
6.  Did you have any personal connection to the Black Forest Fire?
I know some people who lost their homes in the fire and I know how much it impacted their lives. The fire was right across from our high school at one point and within a couple of miles of our home. We know a family who lost their home in the Waldo Canyon Fire and we saw how a total loss can hurt people.
7.  How can people contact you if they'd like to help you out?
I have a Facebook page and a blog, I also have my email address and if you want to trade, I also have the items listed on Craigslist.  Please tell people about my project…anyone know any car dealers or celebs?
Facebook Page:  One Purple Lego

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