Monday, June 17, 2013

Extraordinary Day!

What an AMAZING day! First, I picked up donations for supplies for firefighters from a lot of people all over town until well into this afternoon.

Second, at the noon press conference/fire update, the Lt. Col. from the National Guard mentioned our wristbands not once, but twice...and he was wearing one. (Taylor gave one to him after shift change last night) That really meant a lot to us and the way he felt about the message is EXACTLY what it's about.

Third, we got a message from the wife of a South Dakota fireman that is staying at the staging area at Pine Creek High School wanting to know if there was any way we could make a Father's Day card for him and surprise him after his shift. She is home with their 3 little boys, ALL under age 5! HECK YEAH WE DID! We waited a few hours for him because he came off the line late, but was a great feeling to present him with a Father's Day card from his 3 boys that miss him. We teamed up with the awesome guys over at Colorado Black Forest Fire 2013 for this and there is a picture now posted in our "Black Forest Fire" album. He was very surprised!

Fourth, tonight after the shift change, we were invited back into the staging area for the firefighters at Pine Creek High School to deliver supplies. Being back in the heart of where they operate out of is very least it was for me. These guys are very grateful to all you have contributed to them. They are so humble.

Last, Rich Harvey asked us to come back tomorrow morning at 6:00 A.M. (really?? haha) to attend the firefighter briefing. There are supposed to be 600 firefighters there and he wants to introduce Taylor to them! If talking to them about ColoradoStrong boosts morale, we're all for it! I talked one of the guys from Colorado Black Forest Fire 2013 into coming with us in the morning so we can all watch the sun rise together, bright and early! Thanks, Seth!!  I'll post some photos from today shortly!

I'm feeling incredibly proud to help represent this community...representing YOU. There is no us without you.

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