Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I can't believe it's been a week...we've been very busy bees!

Most of you keep up on our Facebook page and know all the things we've been trying to help with since last Tuesday.  Just wanted to run down some of the things we've done in case people that aren't quite familiar with us were wondering.

-Posted fire and evacuee info 24 hours for the first two days (yep, 24 hours and that was just me!  I'm still tired! haha) and still posting pertinent info for evacuees, posting current stats, info on resources, needs, volunteer opportunities, etc...  We were evacuees of the Waldo Canyon Fire and know the importance of having true information
-Retrieved supply donations from awesome people for firefighters
-Purchased supplies for firefighters that they specifically requested to us
-Delivered supplies to multiple donations drives, firefighters and the staging area at Pine Creek High School
-Attending multiple shift changes to show our love for our first responders
-Personally invited to and attended a fire debriefing Monday morning at Pine Creek High School, got a tour of the inner workings and Rich Harvey asked Taylor to speak in front of hundreds of first responders
-Had coffee with one of the admin of Colorado Black Forest Fire 2013 to brainstorm some ideas
-Had our wristbands mentioned on the press conference by Lt. Col. Utterback and then proceeded to receive a windfall of orders on our website, which allowed us to make a donation to PPCF
-Delivered a Father's Day card to a firefighter staying at Pine Creek High School from his wife and kids in South Dakota
-donated $1500 to Pikes Peak Community Foundation (Emergency Relief Fund)
-Attended Spring Spree with Maximum Velocity BMX riders to raise more money by selling ColoradoStrong wristbands and bumper stickers
-Responded to countless messages, emails, posts and requests via our email and Facebook page
-Shipped over 100 orders
-Sold out of our Tshirts and have more on order

...and we're not done!  Check out the photo albums on our Facebook page too!

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